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Alpha SX Player


Q: Does the player work with iPad?
A: The alphaSXplayer work on iPad2 and upper (see system requirements). However the primary target of this app is iPhones all the same.

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Q: Can alphaSXplayer play music from iCloud?
A: Unfortunately no. The alphaSXplayer uses a low-level audio components which havent seamless interface between iGloud and iTunes media library. As result, you should download needed music on iPhone, else it will be disabled in player. It is an issue what I plan to hook up in future versions.

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Q: Is the app free?
A: The basic functions of player is free and you can use it without of charge. But some additional features are available only in full version which you can buy directly from application by a symbolical price.

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Q: Is it needed to buy every feature separately or all these a sell together?
A: Fortunately, if you buy the full version once then all features have becomes available for you.

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Q: Why the price of full version is so low?
A: Initially, the alphaSXplayer was a non commercial project. But during the work it takes much more efforts and time than it was planned. As result I decided to make some not essential functionality payable. The price indeed is low. You can consider it as a form of donate and a way to say "Thank" to author.

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System requirements

  • iOS8 or higher
  • iPhone 5 or newer
  • iPad 2 or upper
  • Screen 4” and bigger


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